Harrisburg’s failure to pass a budget on time is causing debt and financial havoc. In the last six years, Pennsylvania’s credit rating has been downgraded five times and is threatened to be downgraded again. PA has one of the lowest ratings in the United States and as a result, has to pay higher interest. Cozze believes in holding our current politicians accountable and electing people willing to spotlight and fix this issue.

Economic Development

Cutting the top tax rate does not lead to economic growth, income growth, wage growth, or job creation. Cozze will fight for the middle class, not the corporations funding campaigns and career politicians. She believes in investing in hard-working citizens, and lowering the tax burden of the middle class – not the richest people in that state.


Good public schools raise property value, aide productive communities, and produce qualified and hirable workers. Amy Cozze believes in strengthening Pennsylvania’s public education system by:

  • Hiring fully qualified teachers in the classroom
  • Implementing new leadership in failing schools
  • Ensuring that all high school student graduates have mastered the basics
  • Increasing the computer literacy rate for eighth grade students
  • Increasing access to affordable preschools for families
  • Providing children with a safe, modern classroom with up-to-date technology
  • Eliminating the achievement gap between students of color and the rest of Pennsylvania’s students


Leaders have a responsibility to protect the world that surrounds us, instead of catering to the interests of gas companies, developers, and other powerful entities that negatively affect the environment. Cozze will fight for the conservation of Pennsylvania’s open spaces and farmland. She believes in taking steps toward renewable energy and the preservation of our environment for our future generations.

Government Reform

“Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth.” – Abraham Lincoln

Now is the time for ordinary citizens to step up and take back our government from lobbyists and career politicians who make decisions behind closed doors. Cozze will demand greater transparency and push for stricter campaign funding restrictions, term limits, and wage restrictions from elected officials, with the intent of transitioning power away from entrenched lawmakers.


As a breast cancer survivor and small business owner, Amy Cozze understands firsthand the challenges families face when they do not have access to employer-provided healthcare. As a result of her pre-existing condition, Cozze and her family faced extremely high premiums and limited coverage. Recently, her 75-year-old mother was forced to take a part-time job to help pay for her Medicaid.

Amy Cozze will fight for Pennsylvanians’ right to good and affordable health coverage. She will act as a strong ally and bring the community’s stories and experiences to the table and relentlessly pursue a system that favors the wellness of citizens and not the pockets of insurance companies in big pharma.

Opioid Epidemic

Drug addiction and overdoses killed 238 people in the Lehigh Valley and another 4,362 across Pennsylvania in 2016. Last year, 91 people were killed in Northampton County.

While there are many reasons for the surging number of abuse cases in the community, a significant cause is due to insurance companies covering the cost of pain managing medications instead of more costly pain managing therapies. Cozze will actively push for legislation that monitors the distribution of narcotics and will fight for increased access to rehabilitation resources.