Cozze is the official Democratic nominee for the 137th District

Posted on May 23, 2018 in News

After a successful Primary Election cycle, Nazareth small business owner, Amy Cozze, is officially the Democratic nominee for the 137th Legislative District.

“I want to sincerely thank everyone who volunteered and supported my campaign leading up to the Primary Election. There’s much work to be done from now until November 6, and I look forward to meeting with voters in the 137th District during the coming months,” Cozze said.

Issues that Cozze will be discussing and highlighting during the coming months will be jobs and careers, tax reform, education, the environment, and healthcare.

“After seeing firsthand the challenges of small businesses owners, I have been inspired to advocate on behalf of my fellow merchants. As a woman, I also feel it’s time for females to step up and take on more leadership roles in our local communities. Overall, as a mother, I want to contribute to a better world for my children, and for generations beyond,” said Cozze.

Cozze, like many residents of the 137th District, are tired of the Republican controlled state legislature that simply refuses to put working families at the forefront of their agenda. “I’m not sure we’ve ever seen a legislature so out of touch with our local communities. This must change in the years to come, and I will be a strong proponent and leader that will fight for working families, children and senior citizens in our region,” Cozze said.