137th District

“After seeing firsthand the challenges of small business owners, I was inspired to advocate on behalf of my fellow merchants. As a woman, I also feel it’s time for females to step up and take on more leadership roles. Finally, as a mother, I want to contribute to a better world for my children, and for generations beyond. I believe that one person can achieve positive change with hard work and determination. I will work for you.”
- Amy Cozze

Amy Cozze


Born and raised in the Lehigh Valley, Amy Cozze is an honors graduate of Southern Lehigh High School. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Pittsburgh, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Business Administration.

Amy then returned to the Lehigh Valley, where she met her husband Andrew Cozze. They moved to the Slate Belt to work alongside the Cozze family at Deerfoot Auto Parts, a successful family-owned auto recycling and service business located in the Slate Belt for the last 40 years.

For six years, Amy did everything from transporting engines to launching the international internet sales department. It was then that Amy made the move to start her own business. She embraced the challenge and went from not knowing how to bake a cookie to creating award-winning, custom wedding cakes in less than two years, earning a place in the Hall of Fame of Weddings in less than four years. Amy Cozze has consistently succeeded in not only learning new skills, but at mastering them. Amy’s bakery, Cozze Cakes, located in the heart of Nazareth, has received numerous accolades both locally and nationally, and has been featured in publications such as The Knot and The Huffington Post.

As her business continues to grow, so does Amy’s desire to give back to the community. Amy Cozze has been a member of the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber for the past five years, and a board member of the Nazareth Business Council for the last two years. Most recently, she was appointed as liaison for the Chamber’s Public Policy Committee.

Amy is a strong supporter of Union labor, having two brothers and a nephew who are Local 19 Sheet Metal workers. In addition to being a mother to two wonderful boys, a breast cancer survivor, and an advocate for her community, Amy is excited for her next big challenge, as she runs for State Representative for Pennsylvania’s 137th District.

I am so proud of everyone who was a part of this race. We ran a clean campaign with integrity. Our focus never strayed from:

1. Who I am
2. What I bring to the table
3. My vision for this community
4. My plan of action
5. A work ethic unlike anything district 137 has ever seen in a candidate and her team.

If a candidate can not run on those things alone, they do not belong in politics. While I am truly disappointed by the mud slinging, deception, and what, frankly, amounted to a grossly unethical campaign run by my opponent, I am inspired by the people of this community who rallied for change. I am in awe of the generosity and contributions from all of the amazing people that have supported us.

Harrisburg told me back in May I would need 11,000 votes to win this race, and while that was not the outcome, 11,158 people cast their vote for me yesterday. I love this community. I have lived here for over a decade, and this process has allowed me to meet people within this community that have only reinforced why I am honored to call this district home.

This is not the end. Thank you for everyone’s support. And remember to be kind to people. When all else fails. Always be kind.

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